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Mary’s Valley Meat Processing

Who We Are

Mary’s Valley is a family farm that spans many acres. Today you will find us, Wayne and Bobbie Ann Reed residing on the farm and taking care of all that comes along with it. Together we have four kids and five sweet grand babies.
The name ‘Mary’s Valley’ generates back to Wayne’s Great Great Great grandma from 1853.
The farm is now also the home to Mary’s Valley Meat Processing. We thought it would be awesome to own and operate a family butcher shop on the farm where you will see we raise Angus/Simmental cattle. The decision was made as a family to go all in and make it happen. We wanted to be in command of our own food chain with meat production to its fullest extent and the desire to no longer be dependent on anyone else to put meat on our table. Everything is done from start to finish in the most sustainable way to serve you the best meat possible.

Services Offered

– Custom Processing
– Inspected Processing
– Retail
– Locally Raised


Wayne & Bonnie-Ann Reed or Kayla Robertsen


20 Brown Cemetary Road

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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