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Thomas and Sally Haines moved to Missouri’s Ozarks in 2002 and have made Salem, Missouri their home.  They operate their 2.5 acre homestead as “Brambleberry Farm”.

They enjoy gardening, trying new foods, cooking for friends, hiking and camping and traveling to foreign countries.

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Thomas and Sally Haines


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Who we are

Thomas and Sally Haines are active in their community and Church. They are members of Mark Twain Beekeepers Club, volunteer at the community garden and help mange the Salem Farmers Market. They sell their honey and other farm/garden products at the Salem Farmers Market. They also have an Airbnb room that is becoming very popular.

What we do

In their home they operate an Airbnb room. They also manage their Apiary and Hobby Farm. Airbnb: They offer one room with a continental breakfast. They try to accommodate special dietary needs, up-on request. Their home is located 27 miles from S&T University (Rolla, Missouri), 32 miles to the Current River (The Ozark National Scenic Riverways-National Park) and Echo Bluff State Park, 36 miles from the Ozark Trail's Blair Creek trailhead, 54 miles to Johnson Shut-Ins State Park, 57 miles from Fort Leonard Wood, and the Mark Twain National Forest is very near. Apiary: They are active members of the Mark Twain Beekeepers-Bee Club and have 7 bee hives on the property. They sell their Raw Honey and Bee's Wax at their local Farmers Market. Ag-Products: Commercially we sell at the Salem's Farmers Market. We sell vegetable seedlings (Tomatoes, Broccoli, Collards and Peppers) and Green Beans Tomatoes, Garlic, Pumpkins, homemade Granola and Gluten Free (GF) Granola and Baked Goods.