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Dixie Jet Lures is the manufacturer of a series of fishing spoons that catch fish of all species that are found in both fresh water and salt water.

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Who we are

From the early 1960’s the Dixie Jet Spoons have been catching fish of all species in clear water impoundments, inland waterways, streams and oceans. Fish have proven time-and-again Dixie Jet Spoons are the spoons of choice. You never know what you will catch with the Dixie Jet. In early 1970’s production of the Dixie Jet Spoons stopped with the death of its founder. This void had many fishermen and collectors searching old tackle shops, garage sales, internet and their grandfathers tackle boxes in hopes of finding the last remaining Dixie Jet Spoons. The original Dixie Jet Spoons could be spotted by the stamped fish with Dixie Jet clearly marked inside the fish’s body and located on the back of the spoon.

What we do

For many years’ companies have tried, unsuccessfully, to reproduce the Dixie Jet Spoon with its unique fall and sound reverberations underwater. None of these companies have reproduced the “Original,” until now. Thanks to Basswishes Tackle Company (BWTC), LLC and Dixie Jet Lures (DJL), LLC located in Richland, Missouri, the Dixie Jet Spoons are now a Registered Trademark and are back and better than ever.