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Meramec Traveler – White Mule Winery and B&B

Naturally meramec

Meramec Traveler – White Mule Winery and B&B

Sometimes you just know when you walk in the door that more than bricks, mortar, boards and supplies went into a business. White Mule Winery is one of those places. The Schlottachs have clearly put a lot of family and love into White Mule Winery/B&B.

These fine folks took a prime piece of turn-of-the-century farmstead, reconstructed 100+ year-old barns, threw in a measure of family and a pinch of historical significance and produced an award-winning winery that is well worth the trip up to Highway 50 near Owensville.

White Mule got its name from a pair of white mules, owned by previous owners, who favored a pasture on a sharp curve along Highway 50, prompting truckers to call the curve “White Mule Curve.”

The Winery features deliciousness, including its “Mule Shine,” a fine red dessert wine that is “fashioned after a port on fortified wine.” YUMMY!

Winery, bed and breakfast, rustic wedding venue, meals on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon and family. Delicious combination!

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