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Meramec Traveler –The FourWay

Naturally meramec

Meramec Traveler –The FourWay

What’s green, yellow, red, black, white and DELICIOUS? Give up?

It’s The FourWay restaurant in scenic Cuba, MO. Sitting right smack-dab on Old Route 66 at the junction of Hwy. 19, this little culinary point of interest incubated as a service station in 1932, owned by Paul T. Carr. The property was purchased by Bill and Lynn Wallis in 1968 to become their first Mobil Station. The building was restored and reopened in 2015.

Delicious food, service, décor and historical significance make this a must stop on your Route 66 tour. While you wait on that delectable food (It’s all good, but OH! that Leroy Burger!) be sure to take in the wonderful murals painted on neighboring buildings. And don’t forget to check out the one on the FourWay building on your way in or out.

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