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Meramec Traveler – Sybill’s

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Meramec Traveler – Sybill’s

It’s not always the devil that’s in the details! Take Sybill’s in St. James. Here, the details are heavenly. Meticulously appointed, vast culinary selection and impeccable service make this one for your “list-of-local-places-I-can’t-miss.”

Now, I have a weakness for antebellum, Southern plantation-style houses. Consequently, it is super fun that one of my favorite local restaurants is housed in a modern version, styled akin. With several rooms from which to choose your culinary refuge, you are sure to feel as if you are part of a sophisticated dinner party, even in jeans! Elegant décor calls for elegant food and Sybill’s does not disappoint. And, oh, that porch. Photographers take note! This is a great place to dress period costumes and get that great family photo.

The restaurant is as rich in ambiance as it is in family history. Locally owned and operated by Tom, Janet and Sybill Scheffer since 2006, the restaurant takes its place in the family’s culinary account. Tom’s Mom and Dad, Loretta and Zeno Scheffer, opened Zeno’s restaurant in Rolla in 1959. That popular venue was in the family for 45 years. In 2001, the Scheffers found property in St. James that called their names as a perfect place to locate both a restaurant and gift store.

And boy, am I glad they did! St.James was the perfect town to plant this business. I absolutely love to have a delicious meal there (my personal favorite is the beet and goat-cheese salad-DIVINE!) followed by a delightful shopping stint in the gift shop. This little gift shop (once a 100-year-old home on the acreage) is chock-full of unique items that are a feast for the eyes.

The Scheffers didn’t scrimp on this one, folks, and neither should you. Check it out, but plan to spend some time and soak in all the lovely details—culinary, décor, ambiance, shopping—you won’t regret it!

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