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Meramec Traveler – Richardson Knives, Steelville

Naturally meramec

Meramec Traveler – Richardson Knives, Steelville

They call them “Functional Art.” And art they are! Made of (and I quote) “1085 Blue Tempered Spring Steel. 0.85% carbon, allowing for edge holding ability at a low temper making sharpening easy with a stone, steel, or ceramic stick.” Beautifully-carved handles are shed deer/elk antlers.

Richardson Knives are well-known in the Meramec Region, and beyond—WAY beyond. This family business was the brainchild of Ken Richardson who began making knives from old crosscut saws in his spare time from his horseshoeing business sometime around 1990. Quality and creativity were the leavening agents for this family recipe for success. The Richardsons raised seven children near Dillard Mill and built a shop for the growing business. Soon, large retailers got wind of these unique sculptures and the rest is history AND current events. Family members have continued the legacy, producing the knives for sale at the store on Main Street, Steelville and at many other fine retailers, as well as online.

Functional art at its finest!

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