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Meramec Traveler: Montauk State Park

Naturally meramec

Meramec Traveler: Montauk State Park

If you are an angler…..

Located at the head waters of the Current River, Montauk State Park is a paradise for anyone who can’t get near water without casting a line. The park offers three fishing areas: Catch-and Release Only Area; Fly Fishing Only Area; and Artificial Lures and Natural Bait Area. If you are like me, it is hard to decide what to concentrate on: how to convince that rainbow beauty to take the bait or the unbelievable beauty that surrounds every square inch of the fishing waters.

If you are a camper….

The park offers tons of shaded basic and electric sites, many of which are located just steps away from the fishing! I especially enjoy being able to step out of my camper, go fish for a while, then come back for a mid-morning snack, all without getting into my truck if I am so inclined. All the important amenities are offered to campers as well, including shower houses, park store, restaurant, firewood, etc. If you want even more convenience, the park also has motel and cabin facilities.

If you are a hiker or cyclist…..

Montauk Lake Trail is a popular place for hikers and bicyclists. The level surface even makes it nice for walkers with strollers for small children.

If you love it all….

You will find it here!

This little piece of heaven is located in southern Dent County. Beautiful at any time of year. Make your plans now!

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