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Meramec Traveler – Endless Summer Winery, Hermann

Naturally meramec

Meramec Traveler – Endless Summer Winery, Hermann


Unique is the word for this wine-tasting pit stop on your tour around Hermann area.

Unique Setting: Across the river from Hermann, meandering through exceptional scenery and, once there, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Unique Service: Again exceptional, as owner Gary Hoover and staff passionately present the liquid culinary fare.

And, of course, Unique Wines: From Pineapple, to Pecan to Jalapeno. No grapes. You heard it, folks, NO GRAPES. Gary says he is on a mission to change minds on what wine really is. He’s well on his way, also offering Blueberry, Elderberry, Cranberry-Tangerine, Peach, Raspberry-Chipotle, and Strawberry.

Chock full of fruity goodness and Uniquely localicious!

Endless Summer Winery is certainly a must-visit if you want to prolong the tastes of summer!

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