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Meramec Traveler – Devil’s Elbow and Elbow Inn

Naturally meramec

Meramec Traveler – Devil’s Elbow and Elbow Inn

There are just some of those places……

This one just keeps calling me back. If you haven’t been, you are truly missing out. Devil’s Elbow offers a unique opportunity for visitors to step back in  time and enjoy scenic spectacles and culinary   delights. Strategically located on Missouri Route 66   near Waynesville, Devil’s Elbow is rich in history   and intrigue. The town itself has drawn countless   film producers, overseas and domestic visitors and locals to enjoy its scenic bluffs, the Post Office and   the Elbow Inn and BBQ Pit to this quiet little town.

The Devil’s Elbow Bridge, now sporting a beautiful new renovation, was constructed in 1923 to serve Route 14, and later served as an alignment over the Big Piney River. In 1941, Route 66 was realigned just to the north of Devil’s Elbow for a straighter, flatter roadway. Nearby, and not to be overlooked, Hooker Cut (just east of Devil’s Elbow) was the deepest roadcut (at 90 feet) in Missouri and one of the deepest in the country when it was excavated.

And if all that wasn’t enough……

Elbow Inn and BBQ Pit, former Munger Moss Café, offers scenery of a different sort. Best known for its bra-decorated ceiling, the menu is extensive and the food excellent. Menu includes pork tenderloin, beef brisket and sausage barbecue sandwich, among other excellent choices.

Do you hear it calling…….

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