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Meramec Traveler – Dairy Isle and Grill, Steelville

Naturally meramec

Meramec Traveler – Dairy Isle and Grill, Steelville

It’s an institution!

I can’t remember a time over the years that I visited Steelville and it wasn’t standing there—mega ice cream cone beacon—enticing me to slow down a bit, pull on over and enjoy a meal or a morsel.

Dairy Isle is aptly named. A little island of goodness all wrapped up in a quintessential 50’s/60’s style structure. Except for minor alterations, it hasn’t changed much over the years. Same walk-up window, inside/outside seating, super-friendly service and signage that helps proclaim the institution. Dubbed as the “Rootbeer Float Capital of Missouri,” it allows little room for you to leave without an attempt on your part to verify. Delicious!

Don’t change, Dairy Isle. You are perfect just the way you are—ice cream beacon and all! What’s shakin’—indeed!

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