Naturally Meramec

Meramec Traveler – Cellar 66, Waynesville

Naturally meramec

Meramec Traveler – Cellar 66, Waynesville

Nooks and crannies were created for those looking for the unique, and I was on a quest. It was a cold, grey, wintery day, and I just needed a cozy place to be. And I found it! Cellar 66 in Waynesville was just a bit hard to find, but well worth the search AND the find. Worth the search because the journey takes you through an adorable little alcove just west of the Pulaski County Courthouse. You will pass through the restaurant’s outside seating area (in the Rubidoux Plaza)Plaza on your way to the front entrance. Worth the find because, once you get there, you will discover a quaint, friendly, eclectic, comfortable, warm establishment. Overstuffed couch and chairs, relaxing music and thought-provoking wall-art add to the character. They even have wine-themed light covers!

And the food! My choice for the day was a delicious vegetable soup, one of owner Twyla Cordry’s special creations. Her touch can be seen across the menu and around the room.

You gotta go. Well worth the search AND the find!

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