Colleen Murphy

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Colleen Murphy

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Business Physical Address

301 Schiller Street, Hermann, MO 65041

Business Mailing Address

301 Schiller, Hermann, MO 65041

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Primary Product/Service of Business

Retail of premium, hand-rolled cigars; pipe tobaccos; smoking pipes; & gentleman’s gift items. In May of 2017 we will be expanding to open a cigar/pipe smoking lounge and whiskey bar.  The snacks we will be serving in the whiskey bar will be locally-sourced (eg; meats, cheeses, nuts, etc)

Secondary Product/Service of Business

We would like to welcome local craftsmen/women to consign some items that would appeal to a predominantly male clientele in our shop.

1. Is your business a

Full-time operation

2. How many people do you employ?


3. What is the range of your annual sales?

$10, 000-$30, 000

4. What are your primary market areas?

The counties in this consortium because there isn't a premium tobaccos shop, other than ours, outside of St. Louis or Columbia.

5. How do you market your product/service?

Local advertising in the paper and tourist magazine, word of mouth, Facebook, and website.

6. Do you have a website for your business?


7. Do you have a Facebook page for your business?


8. Please list your primary customers:

We serve a wide range of customers who enjoy smoking pipes and cigars. Both locals and tourists.

11. Please list any suppliers you would like to use and products you are interested in purchasing:

I would like to locally source for the snacks/foods that we will offer in the bar. And we would like to consign some locally-crafted items in our retail area.

12. What would you like to gain from your participation in the Naturally Meramec Consortium?

Contacts for local suppliers.

13. What are the specific needs of your business?

New markets