Vintage Homesteader Farm

Person Completing this Survey

Penelope Beache

Contact Phone Number

(573) 693 5054


Business Represented

Vintage Homesteader Farm

Business Physical Address

13251 CR 447, Saint James, MO 65559

Business Mailing Address

13251 CR 447, Saint James, MO 65559

Business Phone

573 693 5054

Business Email

Website URL

Primary Product/Service of Business

1. Is your business a

Full-time operation

3. What is the range of your annual sales?

$10, 000-$30, 000

4. What are your primary market areas?

within 200 mile radius

5. How do you market your product/service?

Through ecotourism and Wellness Tourism Networks

6. Do you have a website for your business?


7. Do you have a Facebook page for your business?


8. Please list your primary customers:

Sustainable Agriculture and Wellness Community

9. Please list your primary suppliers:

Eco Friendly

10. Please list any customers you would like to serve:

Wellness Tourism and sustainable Culinary Industry, Sustainable Weddings

12. What would you like to gain from your participation in the Naturally Meramec Consortium?

Network with sustainable tourism, chefs, and local food supporters

13. What are the specific needs of your business?