Giddy-Up Soy Candles, LLC

Person Completing this Survey

Brenda Kay Rehagen

Contact Phone Number



Business Represented

Giddy-Up Soy Candles, LLC

Business Physical Address

142 Rehagen Lane

Business Mailing Address

142 Rehagen Lane

Business Phone


Business Email

Website URL

Primary Product/Service of Business

100% Soy Wax Candles & Melt Manufacture

Secondary Product/Service of Business

Young Living Essential Oil Distributor

1. Is your business a

Full-time operation

2. How many people do you employ?


3. What is the range of your annual sales?

$10, 000 or less

4. What are your primary market areas?

Retail Shops, Festivals, Benefits, Fundraisers

5. How do you market your product/service?

Member of Agri Missouri and Missouri Soy Bean Association, Facebook, Website, Local Ads

6. Do you have a website for your business?


7. Do you have a Facebook page for your business?


8. Please list your primary customers:

Retail Shops, Fundraisers, Community

9. Please list your primary suppliers:

Cargill, French Color & Fragrance, Fillmore Containers, Precision Wicking

10. Please list any customers you would like to serve:

Customers who prefer a healthy, quality choice for a candle, environmentally friendly. Those that want to support other local business.

11. Please list any suppliers you would like to use and products you are interested in purchasing:

Essential oils

12. What would you like to gain from your participation in the Naturally Meramec Consortium?

To have a support system with other local producers to buy, sell, or trade services or products.

13. What are the specific needs of your business?

Marketing Plan assistance