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Olivia Vann

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5199 County Rd 351, Fulton, MO 65251

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5199 County Rd 351, Fulton, MO 65251

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Primary Product/Service of Business

2BuyAg is a digital agriculture marketplace that makes selling and buying local food easy. 2BuyAg allows buyers to connect with local farmers online. Connect with consumers that want to buy from a farmer they know. See what produce or products that are ready to sell or are needed now.

Secondary Product/Service of Business

2BuyAg creates a better way of connecting farmers and buyers. Sign up at to experience the digital marketplace that enables farmers and food buyers to source, buy, and sell their farm goods. We expand markets for farmers and give buyers more farmer connections. Farmers find buyers. Buyers find farmers.

1. Is your business a

Full-time operation

3. What is the range of your annual sales?

$10, 000 or less

4. What are your primary market areas?

2BuyAg is location independent. We are wherever our producers and customers need to be to discover, purchase, and sell local, fresh ag products.

5. How do you market your product/service?

Word of Mouth, Social Media, Face-to-Face presentations, Direct Mail

6. Do you have a website for your business?


7. Do you have a Facebook page for your business?


8. Please list your primary customers:

Small to mid-size farmers that are familiar with selling direct to consumer. Consumers looking to buy directly from farmers for fresh local food

10. Please list any customers you would like to serve:

Farmers market farmers, farmers without time to utilize farmers markets. Consumers that would like to pre-order local food

12. What would you like to gain from your participation in the Naturally Meramec Consortium?

To assist the producers and market managers in expanding their market reach and branding of the Meramec products. To have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with both buyers and producers in the Meramec region to learn more about their needs.

13. What are the specific needs of your business?

New markets